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Prioritize daily and weekly: Take a few minutes each day and at the beginning of the week to make a list of all that you have to do. Motherhood is an all-consuming job, and working at home means that we have to be that much more diligent.

You should only be taking advise from coaches and experts that are currently still making it happen as active fallbrook real estate estate wholesalers! I don’t know about you, but I only want to take advise from others who can prove to me that they are still practicing what they are preaching to the masses. Everyone else, for my dollar, is full of BS! So do yourself a favor, make sure that before you open up your wallet to any self proclaimed real estate wholesaling expert, they truly are who they say they are! Remember, on the internet we can say, do, and become anything or anyone that we want! Who’s really going to know?

There is no other thing that can better give you peace of mind than knowing full well that you are not at any kind of risk. Knowing that you have a cell phone with emergency features will give you peace of mind since you know that whatever happens, you will never be left behind alone. Whatever emergency situation is thrown in front of you, you can be confident that in one way or another, someone will reach you in times of help.

Simplify wardrobes. If your children do not have school uniforms, make Saturday morning the time to get clothes together for the week. Outfits can be examined for appropriateness, repairs that may be needed, or missing accessories before everyone is in a mad rush. With teens in the house, we sometimes have different opinions regarding attire, so working these things out in advance also saves it from becoming an issue when everyone is in a hurry causing things to be on edge.

You see Elin, whatever you husband did, or even appeared to have done, tests whether you love him, or simply like him and what he can provide for you since, afterall, he is the world’s number one golfer and probably the richest athlete. About love, God’s word says: “love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy . . .[love] is not provoked, thinks no evil . . .

You can save about 10 per cent on heating bills by turning your thermostat down 10 degrees at night. A programmable timer is a handy way to automatically do this, it also helps when your away from home for an extended time and want to keep the temperature down.

Not too much, but not too little – you’ll have to find the perfect balance so that your relationships can function. The warrior planet Mars affects you personally, meaning you have to control your emotional aspects. In other words, don’t go crazy – especially in the love department. Maintaining this equilibrium will ensure your passion doesn’t go overboard.

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